IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Romania – Republic of Serbia 2014-2020

Romania-Serbia IPA II Cross-Border Cooperation Program 2014-2020 is a program funded by the European Union from IPA-CBC funds and is part of the family of European programs Interreg.

The new cross-border cooperation program between Romania and Serbia has been developed taking into account both the local needs of the border area communities and the European strategies developed at the macro-regional level. Given its European dimension, the program is linked to EU strategies for 2014-2020, such as the EU Danube Region Strategy that seeks better connectivity, environmental protection or prosperity development in the Danube Region. The Europe 2020 strategy is another European tool that has inspired the development of the new program that aims at smart, sustainable and socially inclusive growth. Considering the experience of cross-border cooperation gained in recent years at regional and local level, we note that for the first time community-based consultations have been carried out in the programming process for the development of a Romanian-Serb cross-border program and have been taken into account the needs local counties and districts.

The strategic objective of the program

Achieving, on the basis of common cross-border projects and joint actions of Romanian and Serbian partners, a balanced and sustainable socio-economic development of the border region between Romania and the Republic of Serbia.

Eligible area

Romania: 3 counties Timis, Caraş-Severin, Mehedinţi

Republic of Serbia: 6 districts Severnobanatski, Srednjebanatski, Južnobanatski, Braničevski, Borski, Podunavski

Total budget88,124,999 Euro, out of which 74,906,248 Euro from the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance – IPA II