Vratsa District Administration

Vratsa District is an administrative-territorial unit for the implementation of the state policy on a district level and ensures conformity between national and local interests. The Governor coordinates and controls the territorial bodies of central power. The main responsibility and duties of the Governor and administration are to organize and manage activities related to environment, health, risk management and disasters prevention.

According to the Law for state administration, Vratsa District Administration implements the following activities:

  • assistance to the Governor in the organization and management of the protection of the citizens, health, environment in case of disasters;
  • organization of the specific actions of the District Headquarters for the implementation of the District Plan for health, emergency situations and disasters;
  • elaboration of projects financed by EU programs related to the risk prevention and disasters management including CBC and transnational cooperation in the field;
  • support municipalities in their requests for financing from the Inter-institutional Commission at the Council of Ministers and the Solidarity Fund of EU.
Vratsa District Administration