The project proposes the modernization of public health services in the cross-border region of Dolj-Vratsa, having the following main activities

  • Improving patients access to health services in cardiovascular surgery, by endowing Partner 3 - Clinical Emergency County Hospital Craiova with a complete Operation Room
  • Increasing the quality of access to free public healthcare offered in Vratsa District by Multi-profile hospital for active medical treatment "Ivan Rilski" - Kozloduy
  • Organizing a technical working group with experts from the project partners, under the guidance of Partner 3 - Clinical Emergency County Hospital Craiova, which will analyze the current situation of healthcare services in Dolj and Vratsa
  • Elaboration of a study case on cardiovascular surgery services at cross-border level in Dolj and Vratsa
  • Setting up professionals' networks by exchanging skills and expertise in cardiology, obstetrics and gynecology, neurology, general surgery and intensive care
  • Awareness campaign upon cross-border medical assistance in Dolj and Vratsa
  • Information and publicity activities consisting of: 5 press conferences to be held in Dolj, Kozloduy and Vratsa; publishing press articles; distributing promotional materials and displaying roll-up banners and billboards