Clinical Emergency County Hospital Craiova

    The Clinical Emergency County Hospital Craiova is one of the most important health institutions at the regional and national level , with 31 departments covering 27 specialties, 1516 trained human resources. Dolj County Council has the infrastructure of Clinical Emergency County Hospital Craiova and has made major investments from its own funds, as well as from European funds.

    Clinical Emergency County Hospital Craiova serves the need for health in the county and region. According to Law 95/2006, regional hospital is the Clinical Hospital which has the skills and the necessary additional human and material resources in order to provide comprehensive medical care for complex medical cases, especially in emergencies and critical patients and for all similar cases in the surrounding counties.

    Clinical Emergency County Hospital Craiova provides health care services for the South – West region of Romania. B3 has a total of 31 departments covering 27 specialties (among which: cardiology, neurology, surgery, internal medicine, intensive care unit, gynecology, pediatrics etc.) and also operating rooms, pathology and medical analysis laboratories, endoscopy department, physical medicine and balneology, nuclear medicine, radiology and medical imaging, diabetes, nutrition and metabolic diseases, oncology, family planning.
It has 1488 permanent hospital beds plus 38 day care beds.

    Cardiovascular Surgery is a specialized medical field which, in the public sector, is currently assured in Romania by only 4 institutions, none of them located between Timisoara and Bucharest, and in Bulgaria – in Sofia, Plovdiv. While heart disease leads to the highest mortality rate in both regions, cases requiring surgery are sent to other hospitals, endangering patients’ lives, while generating significant costs.

The equipment that will be purchased by the Romanian side through the project, for endowing one of the operating rooms of the Interventional Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic Craiova

Surgical lamp with satellite, integrated video camera, monitor arm, 24" monitor

Operating table system with vascular surgery accessories

High Definition Anesthesia Device + Vital sign monitor

Digitalization system for the surgery room

Cerebral perfusion monitor

Surgical vacuum

Pneumatic compression device for venous stasis

Internal and external cardioverter r with monitor

Cardiology toolkit


Germicidal lamp

Extra corporal blood circulation pump

Monitoring system for measuring the depth of the anesthesia

Bipolar electrocautery with vascular closure

Stainless steel furniture set for the operating room

Aseptic washstand with 2 drawers

Clinical Emergency County Hospital Craiova