Good Practice Examples

Improving cross-border medical services with modernized medical equipment at the Gavril Curteanu Labor Hospital and Oradea County Central Bekes CBC-HOSPEQUIP

Improving Health Services at Dr. Gavril Curteanu Hospital in Oradea and the Békés County Central Hospital

Modernization of hospitals in Zimnicea and Svishtov eMS 174

Improving the efficiency of health services and collaboration among healthcare providers at the level of the communities in Zimnicea and Svishtov.

ROBG 160 "Coordination and support in the modernization of public health services in the Dolj-Vratsa region (DJ-VR: HEALTH)"

To improve the cooperation and efficiency of public health actors in the context of the Dolj-Vratsa cross-border region.

Health without frontiers through sport and cooperation - Unions in the fight against diseases (SPOCO) eMS 139

The project aims to effectively increase cooperation between local governments / governments in the Hârşova-Shabla cross-border area in public health services focused on prevention and improvement actions.

ROBG-458 - "Joint risk management for effective responses of local authorities in emergency situations"

The main objective of the project is to improve joint risk management in the cross-border area covered by the two municipalities: Călăraşi and Belene.

ROBG-471 "New Destinations in Cross-Border Tourism"

The overall objective of the project is to promote cooperation between institutions and people through the use of natural and cultural resources in a sustainable tourism way.

ROBG-305 - "Equipment saves our lives"

The overall objective of the project is to improve joint risk management in the cross-border area. The current project seeks to reduce the vulnerability of the environment and prevent the consequences of social and economic disasters caused by floods or fires in the border region.

ROBG - 408 - EF - Road - "Efforts to improve the road infrastructure in the cross-border area"

Developing cross-border road infrastructure by improving access between secondary and tertiary nodes and the TEN-T network in the region.

Transportation Eco-friendly - Viable - Electric - Silistra Navodari - eMS 432

Improving connections to tertiary nodes by reconstructing 4315m of road and introducing eco-friendly transport in the Silistra-Navodari cross-border region.