„Coordinating and supporting the modernization of the public health services in Dolj-Vratsa”

Starting with 20.06.2017, Dolj County Council, in partnership with Kozloduy Municipality, Clinical Emergency County Hospital

Craiova and Vratsa District Administration implements the project “Coordinating and supporting the modernization of the public health services in Dolj-Vratsa” within the Interreg V-A Romania-Bulgaria Programme.

Partners :

  • Dolj County Council – Lead Beneficiary;
  • Kozloduy Municipality;
  • Clinical Emergency County Hospital Craiova;
  • Vratsa District Administration.

Project implementation period: 24 months.
Total eligible value: EUR 1,483,009.98 out of which EUR 769,452.95 afferent to Dolj County Council and Clinical Emergency County Hospital Craiova.
The main objective of the project is to improve cooperation capacity and efficiency of the public health players in institutions involved in public health in Dolj-Vratsa region.
The project aims at modernizing the public health services in the cross-border region Dolj-Vratsa through:

  • Complete endowment of one of the operating rooms in  the Interventional Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic Craiova;
  • Rehabilitation works and medical equipment endowment of the municipal hospital in Kozloduy, Vratsa region, Bulgaria;
  • Cooperation activities and  experience exchange among public health service providers in the area;
  • Awareness campaign on healthcare services provided in Dolj-Vratsa cross-border area and information and publicity activities.

Currently, the public procurement procedure for medical equipment for endowing the operating room of the Interventional Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic Craiova is in progress.

Additional information can be obtained from:
Contact person: Ileana Măjină
Position: Project manager
Tel. 0251408205, Fax: 0251408245, e-mail: ileana_majina@yahoo.com aims